At What Age Should I Take My Daughter for Her First OBGYN Checkup?

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends girls have their first OBGYN checkup between the ages of 13 and 15. While your daughter may not be sexually active, it is a good opportunity to develop a relationship with a gynecologist and talk about her development.

Unless they are sexually active or struggle with irregular or painful periods, most girls do not need a pelvic exam at their first visit. Instead, the gynecologist may run a few tests, check height, weight, blood pressure, and perform an external exam. In some cases, your daughter’s doctor may not perform any tests and may simply develop a rapport with her as well as answer any questions she may have.

Why is the first OBGYN checkup important?

Yearly checkups focused on the female reproductive system, also known as well-woman visits, are important for catching small issues early before they become serious. If your daughter is nervous about her first well-woman visit, here are a few things you can talk with her about to help her feel more comfortable:


  • Her gynecologist will provide accurate and confidential answers to any questions she may have about sex, sexuality, her changing body, and menstruation.


  • Her doctor will help her learn about pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • If your daughter is struggling with irregular or missed periods, pain or other reproductive issues, her gynecologist can look into why they are occurring and provide safe, effective treatments.

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