The Role of B12 Lipotropic Injections in Women's Weight Loss

The Role of B12 Lipotropic Injections in Women's Weight Loss

Women can face a real uphill battle when it comes to weight loss thanks to hormone fluctuations that make shedding pounds difficult. We can give you a leg up with B12 lipotropic injections.

You’ve been through a pregnancy or two in the last few years or perhaps you’re making the transition through menopause. What these events have in common is that they can leave you with extra pounds, pounds that are quite stubborn and tough to eliminate.

Whether your weight gain is related to hormones or not, know that you aren’t alone — 27.5% of women are overweight, and 11.5% are obese. Although there may be some comfort in knowing you aren’t alone, you’re still resolved to get your weight under control because you know it will improve your overall wellness in so many great ways. Well, we want to help!

Wherever you fall on the scales, the team here at Bay Area Physicians for Women’s Health wants to make sure that you have all the necessary tools in your weight-loss toolkit, which includes B12 lipotropic injections.

Here's a look at how B12 lipotropic injections can help boost your weight loss efforts.

The power of B12

On its own, B12 is a powerful nutrient that accomplishes several important tasks in your body, including:

  • Red cell formation
  • Nerve function
  • Preventing anemia
  • Producing DNA
  • Cell metabolism

Most of the B12 we get is through our diet and it exists in animal foods like fish, chicken, eggs, and dairy products. Some people, however, don’t get enough B12, or they have trouble absorbing the nutrient.

Lipotropic injections — B12 and more

If you’re embarking on a weight loss program, we want you to lean on lipotropes, which are substances that promote fat removal and reduce fat production in your body.

B12 is a lipotrope, but our injections don't stop there as they can also include:

  • Other B vitamins
  • Methionine
  • Inositol
  • Choline
  • Certain amino acids

By injecting these lipotropes, we ensure that your body receives the full benefits by bypassing your gastrointestinal tract, where nutrients can be broken down or malabsorbed.

B12 lipotropic injections as part of a greater effort

No matter what a fad diet or product may promise, the fact is that weight loss comes with burning more calories than you take in, so diet and exercise are the main keys to success if you want to lose weight.

In other words, as effective as our B12 lipotropic injections can be, you should view them as an aid, not a substitute for diet and exercise.

Rest assured, before you get started, we create a comprehensive weight loss plan. From nutritional counseling to exercise recommendations, we make sure that all of your weight-loss bases are covered. Then, we augment your great efforts with B12 lipotropic injections, which can help give you a valuable leg up in the battle of the bulge.

If you’d like to make this the year you gain the upper hand on your weight, come see us to learn more about how B12 lipotropic injections can help. To get started, simply contact our office in Mobile, Alabama, to set up an appointment.